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Why You Should Try Thai Massage Today

Thai Traditional Massage is Exotic and unique, this treatment fuses traditional Thai massage with deep tissue, pressure point and ancient stretching techniques. It releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of the mind, body and spirit. pressure point manipulation coupled with passive yogic stretching releasing the tensions and restoration of energy zones of your body.

For a Thai massage, the customer lies on the floor. Therapist will gradually work the customer's body through different stretches. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for Thai massage. When you arrive, your therapist will ask you to lie down on a mat. Rather than using oils or lotion, your therapist will compress, pull, and stretch your body. The therapist may utilize their hands, knees, legs, or feet to help control the individual's body into various positions. After a Thai massage, a person may feel very free and relaxed.

The motive behind the massage is to reduce stiffness it is to adjust your sen lines. The Thai massage technique is based energy lines, or Sen. Most practitioners believes that there are various Sen, energy or channels within the body. Thai massage squeezes these sen lines to address their position, therefore lightening any uneasiness you may feel.

If you have not yet considered Thai Massage as a way to get rid of stress and feel rejuvenated, we invite come in and try it. We know you will love it!

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