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Balinese Ritual Therapy

A deeply relaxing ancestral massage ritual from Bali that uses melting body balm infused with healing tropical oil, and gentle pulling and soothing movements, similar to Thai massage, to instill a sense of utter bliss.

Benefits of Balinese Ritual Therapy

  • Stimulates the flow of blood.

  • Relieves strained muscles.

  • Detoxify the body.

  • Reduce stress.

  • Relieves Headaches.

  • Treats any kind of sleep issues

  • Softens the skin.

  • Peace of body & mind.

  • Strengthens your immune system.

Mental, Physical and emotional pressure encompass the life of everybody, be it professional duties or money related matter or family issues. Every one of these elements and circumstances go about as stressors in regular day to day existence, a few people can't adapt up to the insignificant weights of life.

Meditation, yoga, breathing strategies, and back rub treatments are gainful to help one to remain centered and not become low in confidence. With various advantages The massage therapy is one of the famous techniques to harmony. It also helps to reinvigorate and rejuvenate the body to maintain the inner balance. If you do not visit spa regular or its your first time in spa for a massage, then Balinese Ritual Therapy is one of the best options to choose.

Balinese Ritual Therapy is a full-body, deep-tissue massage. Balinese Ritual Therapy massage uses a combination of acupressure, gentle stretches and aromatherapy to the flow of blood, oxygen and energy making you feel relaxed, calm and bringing peace to our mind & body. Balinese massage uses a variety of techniques including pressure-point, stimulation ,skin rolling, stroking and combined with the essential oils aromatic oils.

Balinese therapy is performed on a massage couch, but can also be performed on a floor mattress. Fragrant healing is a significant piece of a Balinese massage. The utilization of scented oil can be restorative, with the smell of the oils soothing your mind.

Therapist will use deep pressure during the massage. Your therapist will also use long, gentle strokes and kneading to relieve tension and improve blood circulation in the muscles. Sessions usually for about an hour.

If you looking for a session which is relaxing and gives peace of mind & body then you are at the right place Book Now!

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